Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dino Run is Officially Released!

Dino Run

Hooray!! Our latest game Dino Run is ready to go. Both single player and MULTIPLAYER modes. And it's FREE for all to enjoy! To get started running, go to pixeljam.com/dinorun and play to your hearts content!

In the next couple of days we'll be resolving any issues that arise from high volume play on the multiplayer side, but otherwise the game is good to go. please feel free to share it with your friends, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, strangers, colleagues, major and minor publications and web sites, everyone!

Dino Run Multiplayer Edition will only appear on pixeljam.com on xgenstudios.com, who's great MMocha multiplayer server allowed us to make this a multiplayer game. (They've also got some other great games on their site that are worth playing, such as Stick Arena!)

The single player version of the game is plentiful, offering quite an array of things to do and achieve, levels of difficulty, special themed "speed runs" to unlock, super eggs to find, abilities to be increased, passwords to be entered and trophies to be earned. In the game, all the bones you collect become your currency to buy things such as Speed runs, features, icons, desktops, mp3's and other secret good stuff. There's even a "night mode" you can unlock, which I think is particularly cool.

There is also an in-depth high score system that you can submit your top scores to and of course gain the notoriety and praise that you so rightfully deserve.

And to top it all off, as you can see in the image above, there's a set of unique hats, helmets & masks that can be worn by your heroic velociraptor, in both single and multiplayer modes! Many more than are seen here. These hats are so much fun! Definitely one of my favorite features of this game. I truly enjoyed creating them and enjoy running with them even more.

How can you have this exciting set of dino hats you ask? Well, anyone who DONATES money to Pixeljam will receive a special Patronage Gift Pack with 40+ hats (there are a few you can only unlock in the game), the ability to change your dino colors + some other goodies too. You choose the amount that you'd like to contribute & in turn,you get digital treats & we can possibly stay afloat and make another game! Yes, we want to make more games, such as Gamma Bros 2, which is one of the next we want to work on, but income is required. This is a way for you to help make that actually happen.

Thanks a lot to all of our fantastic beta testers who helped make this game so much better than we could have imagined. Thanks to the amazing people who have helped support us in various generous ways. Thanks to Mark DeNardo for providing more excellent music and sfx for our games, and thanks to Miles Tilmann for working way too much to make this game actually come to life. We're gonna take a little break and possibly in a month or so will begin working on our next game. :)

That's all for now. Enjoy Dino Run! We'll see you out there in the multiplayer races. May you escape extinction and live to run another day.