Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Gamma Bros 1.0 is ready!!

Greetings good people of Earth!

Gamma Bros 1.0 is finished and ready for all to play & enjoy, for free!

Just go to:

It's about a 20mb download. The game is under 1mb, the rest is the music and sound fx.. You will need Flash Player 8 (also free) to play this one. tell your friends, your family, your co-workers, tell strangers on the street, Tell your pet chimpanzees, tell everyone! We're really excited about this game and spent about seven or eight months making it.

The Gamma Bros team is:
Richard Grillotti - Characters, Pixel Art & Animations
Miles Tilmann - Programming, Visual FX & sound FX processing
Mark DeNardo - Music and Sound FX

Thanks also to our excellent beta testers for their feedback and suggestions.

We created Gamma Bros as a free, full-length game for all to enjoy. We'd love to hear what you think! Please send us an email at

We have a couple of completely awesome gamma Bros sequels in mind, but we'll be focusing on some other interesting characters and storylines next. If you feel this game is worth a few bucks and would like to see more from Pixeljam Games, we are accepting donations (via so we can potentially get the support to take the time off of regualr jobs that we need to make more games in the future. We love this stuff and have a ridiculous amount of good ideas we very much want to work on. We will be creating some nice merchandise as well, which would also be something people could help us out with. t-shirts and other things coming soon.

So, there you have it. Thank goodness, it's finally finished! Now we can breathe again, relax and start thinking about what's next. Have fun!

Check back here soon too, since I will be adding some additional info, sample video clps of some intense action from the game, news about other games of ours, links, updates,
stuff, fun things & who knows what.