Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Gamma Bros Update

Hi! Wow, it's been a while since I've posted, but we've been very busy travelling, working and other stuff for the last month or so. I'll write a more thorough blog soon, but I wanted to give a quick update on all the exciting Gamma Bros activity going on recently.

First, Miles has created an online version of Gamma Bros that people can play in a web browser. It's smaller & seems to be a little slower (or a lot, depending on how old your computer is), but overall it's working out great! You can check it out here:

Miles has been busily submitting the game to game related websites, and once he got the online version ready to go, he submitted it to Since then people have been playing the game like crazy! There's all sorts of activity, lots of reviews, and our server stats are really going nuts. Oh, and the coolest thing about the newgrounds submission is that the newgrounds founder & Alien Hominid creator Tom Fulp has added the Gamma Bros to his favorites list! Awesome. Thanks Tom, we're glad you're enjoying it.

You can access our Newgrounds Gamma Bros profile at this address:

The Gamma Bros also now have a Myspace profile. If you're on myspace, I'm sure they'd like to hear from you and/or be your friend!

Go to:

In other news, we've actually been receiving a handful of donations from some of the great, generous people that are enjoying Gamma Bros! Thank you so much folks! It really does make a big difference in our ability to make more games, and make them sooner. We may eventually have enough to pay for a small run of Gamma Bros & other Pixeljam t-shirts to sell. :) We plan to make some stickers and buttons too. We'd like to send people who donate $5 or more to us some stickers or something like that, so give us some time to make stuff once we have the moeny. We'll also make sure to send to people who have already donated as well. We like to reward good deeds.

So, people & companies have been contacting us about sponsorships and other possibilities. We'll see what happens & of course we're going to stand our ground on what we are willing to compromise on with how our game is presented, what we're willing to include in the game (logos, etc). And of course, we will not be relinquishing any creative control or ownership. We have a lonnnng list of games we very much want to make in the years to come. It would be awful if we never got to a few of them. Gamma Bros 2 and 3 are really going to be awesome. Gamma Bros is really just the beginning. well, I guess Ratmaze was just the beginning, but you know what I mean. we're just getting started!

okay, time to get busy on non game related things. :( If anyone is interested in reserving a t-shirt, send us an email! We'll be selling them as soon as we can design and get them screen printed. There won't be very many to start with. Once we have photos of what they look like and prices (probably around $15) we'll show them to everyone who is interested in a shirt.

Oh, and do a web search for Gamma Bros if you're interested. Lots of fun things are coming up, like reviews from Japan & stuff. Leave us some reviews too, if you like. The more attention the better. Thanks!