Friday, June 15, 2007

Ratmaze 2 !!

Ratmaze 2!

Hi everyone, Ratmaze 2 is here!

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If you enjoyed the original Ratmaze at all, we think you'll really enjoy this one! For one thing, it's a lot more fun! There's a colorful new maze to explore, some new moves (you can run diagonally), there are a lot more tasty cheeses to eat, apples for speed boosts, secrets, plus some of the biggest cheeses you've ever seen in the bonus areas! There are other new activities involving bouncing balls, holes, and an attractive new female Rat as well. Oh, and you can submit your high scores and compete with your friends and complete strangers!

Here are a few screenshots:

Ratmaze 2 is FUN!!

Go play! it's free. Have fun, & Thanks for helping our beloved Rats eat all possible cheeses.

Oh yeah! thanks a lot to Crazy Monkey Games for sponsoring Ratmaze 2, and to all of our beta testers, without whom the game would be buggy and not as much fun!

Ratmaze 2

Programming/visual fx/sound fx production: Miles Tilmannn

Art & Animation: Rich Grillotti

Music, sound fx: Mark Denardo

Speacial thanks to John at Crazy Monkey games for sponsoring Ratmaze 2

Beta testers:

Mike Lee, Bobby K, Matt Jeanes, .tiff, Andy Watson, John West, Nathan Siruta, Kasey Akira, Jason Reinsvold, Karen Cate, Luposian, Emily Lewis, Steve Finkel, John Magnotta, Jenny Pearsall