Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gamma Bros = 2007 IGF Finalist!!

Hi! It's time again for another deeply sporadic blog from Pixeljam Games! Why do we wait so long between blogs these days? Well, we need to be spending most of our time actually making and conceiving of games, not just talking about them or wasting anyones time with non-information. Plus, we don't have any new releases ready to go yet, and don't want to spoil too much of our exisiting works in progress, so, there you go. On the other hand, there really is a lot to write about!

The main thing I'd like to write about today is the exciting news about Gamma Bros! First and foremost, Gamma Bros has been selected as a finalist in the 2007 IGF (Independent Games Festival) Web Browser Game category in San Francisco in March. This is really, really great news and quite an honor, considering only 3 games are selected in that category, out of all the tens of thousands of web browser games in the world released in 2006. :)

So, all honors aside, the greatest part is that we get 2 free passes to attend the IGF and the option to upgrade our passes inexpensively to attend the Independent Games Summit conference lectures and classes. Miles and I will be going and are really looking forward to it. We've already got our plane tickets & have a bunch of people we're looking forward to meeting while we're out there. Individuals & companies we'd like to do some game developing with, and make some online multiplayer games with in the future. It's too bad they didn't give us 3 passes so our 8-bit music genius Mark DeNardo could go with us, but at least he's been to some cool events we haven't been to, like playing the Blip Festival in NY recently.

Now, we needed to be able to afford to get ourselves out there, which wasn't looking very good to begin with, and then an amazing stroke of miracle happened! We received word that Gamma Bros won the first big game contest held by the very cool new gaming site! Gamma Bros had already won $250 in their weekly contest a couple months ago, and then we won an unexpected $1500 more on their Game Contest 0!! Holy crap! That meant we could now comfortable afford to fly out to San Francisco for a week and feed ourselves too! We have some very good friends out there we can stay with, so it's all really falling into place. We'll probably also make a few things to give away as well, and with any luck we'll have a few new micro games completed that we can give out on a promo CD to all interested individuals. Awesome. Thanks Kongregate and IGF judges.

We won a couple other contests too w/ Gamma Bros, but nothing as big as the Kongregate one. If you are a Flash game developer, you should definitely enter your games into the Kongregate contests. They offer great cash prizes, even for Runner-up games.

Okay, I don't want this blog to go on too long, so that's all I'll write for now. I've been wanting to put a blog up with a collection of press links, Gamma Bros reviews, and interviews we've done, but it's a lot to pull together. I'll do my best as soon as I can, but of course making games is priority #1, and there's a massive amount of work to be done there. We've got some really cool ones in the works. If you want to see games from us sooner than later, you can help us out by buying a Gamma Bros t-shirt or donating or something. the less actual paying job work we have to seek out and take on to survive & pay our bills, the more time we can devote and the sooner & more effectively we can make things happen with our games which, of course, will ultimately benefit all of humankind. :)