Sunday, December 16, 2007

Dino Run (beta)


We've got a new game in the works called "Dino Run".
A Giant asteroid has crash landed & extinction may just be inevitable. You are a Velociraptor & you should probably start running for your life! Run, jump, catch a ride with a Pterodactyl, eat power-up plants & other things, save all the dino eggs you can!

This game will feature both single player AND Online Multiplayer versions!

We've been working on it since September, are about to begin beta testing. We hope to finish and release it in the beginning of February.
We've got plenty more to add to it in the meantime. Thanks to all of our beta testers in advance. And as in our previous games, music and sfx by Mark DeNardo.

Here are some screens of ACTUAL game play: (Click images for larger views)

That's the big news. We're excited. We hope to have a new game for you in Early February, & then we'll get to work on Gamma Bros 2. :)

Happy Holidays!