Wednesday, February 14, 2007 Interview interviews Pixeljam

Hi again! Here's a quick update.. Miles and Rich of Pixeljam Games were recently interviewed by, and it went live this week. Since Gamma Bros received a nomination as a contender for the 2007 IGF Best Web Browser game category, and we will be attending the GDC and IGF this March, wanted to chat with us. It went rather well, and may be informative for some. Here's a link to it:

Well, we hope it's entertaining! That's all for now. Stay tuned for more exciting developments...


Friday, February 09, 2007

New Pixeljam Website!

Hello fellow pixel enthusiasts. We've got some good news. This month we finally managed to complete and launch a new web site for!

There are a bunch of sections, including Games, Downloads, Shop, Art, Info, Press, and more! We've also set it up so that we can swap out the main "theme" of the site with new themes. In this launch version, we've got our little moonjumper which you can make jump around for fun, plus you can unlock a download if you figure out the mystery...

We'll eventually add some new themes to the site with other characters, environments and challenges, which will hopefully add a fun dimension to the site itself. There is a little bit we reveal about some upcoming games that we've been working on, but of course not too much. In Downloads you can find some good music, in the shop you can buy some Gamma Bros shirts for the time being, and we'll be adding to all of the sections as we go.

You may notice that we've gone ahead and embraced google adsense ads on our site and with our games. We were reluctant for very long time, trying to maintain extreme dignity and all, but we couldn't really afford to have the no-ads philosophy any longer. We could very well be out of business before we get started here if we don't do some things to make money. The good thing about google adsense is that it's all unobtrusive enough, the ads are actually relative to what we're doing, & might actually be a way for us to make a little. The more ways we have to earn small money here and there could eventually lead to us being able to do this all full time. We're still only able to work on our games here and there part time, but we're still accepting donations if anyone wants to try to hurry us up! Also, the shop is selling Gamma Bros shirts until they sell out.

In other news.. Mr. Rat from Ratmaze is a celebrity! Ratmaze was featured recently in Games For Windows magazine. It's for a feature "101 Free Games", in the "10 minute time wasters" sub-section, which is Also featured on

Well, that's all I've got time to write about today. The IGF awards festival and Game Developers Conference is just around the corner & we're getting really excited about it. We'll definitely have a blog for you in March, for sure. But probably sooner tha that as well.

Don't forget to visit and enjoy our new site!